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Engaging the Consumer

Mandala Organic Growers are commited to making sure you, the consumer, are as much a part of the Organic Revolution as they are.

This means, in part, making sure you have all the information needed to make an informed choice about the food you eat. Being able to see exactly where your food comes from doesn't only deliver you piece of mind, it allows us to tell you exactly how and why it was grown. Mandala's Organic knowledge and expertise is part of the service they offer.

Mandala's growers use an internet based system to keep their farm records up to date, this means that all members of the group can keep in touch despite being geographically dispersed. Given that this data is already kept on the internet, communicating the relavent parts to the consumer was the next logical step. Enter the Trace Code of your product below to see where it was grown.

Enter the code from your produce label:

You can find out about the system Mandala uses to make this possible here.



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