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From earth to bottle!

"Volcanic" oranges protect our health !

This fruit juice contains 3 types of red oranges - Moro, Sanguinello and Tarocco - that grow on the slopes of Mount Etna, the volcano in Sicily.

These 3 types are the darkest red oranges currently being cultivated. The volcanic soil in which they grow is particularly fertile due to the decomposition that it has undergone over the centuries, and the soil itself is partly responsible for the "wine red" colour of the pulp of the oranges. The colour is, in fact, caused by the presence of a red pigment, belonging to the flavonoid family and containing nutrients called anthocyanines, true molecules of Life.

Other nutrients also exist in fruit and vegetables. Belonging to the carotenoid family, these are lycopeine found in tomatoes, beta-carotene in carrots, luteine in green and yellow vegetables, and beta-cryptoxanthine in oranges and mandarins.

Studies carried out by European medical researchers at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, in the United Kingdom, have demonstrated that anthocyanines, like all of these other nutrients, play an extremely important role in maintaining the right balance in the human body. In addition to their protective effect on capillary blood vessels and the mucus of the stomach, their anti-oxydant properties fight against free radicals.

It is an established fact that cell oxidation is responsible for the production of free radicals in the body, and that these free radicals are largely responsible for the aging process and the weakening of the body's immune system. In addition, this process of cell degeneration may facilitate the development of certain serious illnesses and conditions, such as cancerous tumours.

By including precious molecules like anthocyanines in our daily diet, we maintain our body's defences against anti-oxydants, we protect our cells against aging, and we guard against the loss of our vitality.

These varieties of red orange, with a high nutrient value, have been awarded the Geographically Protected Denomination (GPD) by the European Union.


Who cultivates and harvests the oranges?


Agrinova is an organic farming cooperative in eastern Sicily - Ragusa, Siracusa, Catania - in the volcanic region of Mount Etna. Founded in 1987, it is controlled by the certifying body, ICEA.

Agrinova's 45 member-producers cultivate more than 450 hectares of agricultural land. Among them, Vincenzo Li Destri, an agronomist and farmer, cultivates several types of citrus fruit on the 20 hectares of land that he owns in the province of Siracusa. He is the one who produced and harvested, from December to March, the oranges that were used to make this fruit juice.

For more than 20 years, Marcello Eberle, Agrinova's marketing director, has distributed the cooperative's organic citrus fruit: oranges, lemons and mandarins. He believes that the best red oranges in the world grow on the scorched Sicilian slopes dominated by Mount Etna.

Agrinova has been a partner of the European organic farmers group Mandala Organic Growers since 1997. Like all members of this group, Agrinova respects the obligations imposed by the European Commission in legislation on organic farming (EEC n°2092/91). It does not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides, and its production is rigorously controlled. In harmony with the environment, the farmers cultivate the fruit and vegetables in ground that is most favourable to their growth and development. The red oranges of the Etna region bear fitting testimony to the wisdom of this approach.


Bottling the orange juice

The quality control of fruit juices is carried out systematically in a private physio-chemical and bacteriological analyses laboratory, in collaboration with the organic chemistry laboratory of the University of Messina. Each bottle that reaches the market, therefore, carries a guarantee of optimal quality.

Traceability is assured by means of monitoring each phase in the chain of production, making it possible to retrace the route a product takes, from the farming land to the point of sale.

The organic quality of these fruit juices is regularly certified by the certifying body, BIOAGRICERT.


This organic orange juice is distributed by
Mandala Organic Growers

Mandala Organic Growers distributes its own fruit and vegetables. It knows them, it gives them a name, and it tells their story.

Thanks to its system of traceability on Internet, the customer can follow the route taken by a fruit or vegetable, from the farmer's field to the shelves of the store, and can at all times know their source and the time of their harvest.



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To read the traceability code of this organic orange juice, introduce the 7 digit code, which you will find on the bottle cap, into the zone indicated for this purpose.

Traceability : lets you know what you are about to drink.