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    Products of S'Atra Sardigna: Tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, courgettes, fennels, artichokes, lettuce, olives, melons, citrus, pasta, cheese, wine, oil, honey...
    Area: 1000 hectares.

    In 1982, the cooperative S’atra Sardigna was created by a group of young people who wanted to realize a pleasant job, respectful of their own health and of the consumer’s one, a job that also gets along with the protection of the environment.

    Mario Cirronis explains: “When we, a bunch of hopefull young people, first started, we only thought about conciliating our work with health and environmental protection. Then, little by little, our life choices contaminated others producers and agronomists and conquered all round Europe consumer’s favours”. This is why the cooperative dealt, since the very beginning, with ecologically sound activities always using the organic method, at first in a pioneer way, then following European and national laws.

    Marcello Escana talks about bringing a more positive horizon, firmly supporting the idea of association: “Today, organic farming allows hundreds of associates families to avoid suffering the pressure and the compromises of agricultural exploiters with strict speculative goals, not caring about life heritage and development opportunities”.

    Starting with about ten members and two hectares of land, a long way has been covered: today, the cooperative counts about one hundred members spread over the entire Sardinia on a surface of more than 2000 hectares, all grown with the organic method.

    S’atra Sardigna is now the most important organization of organic producers in Southern Italy, mostly due to its Sardinian identity, as Ignazio Cirronis says: “We saved our own identity as well and even more on the external markets, thanks to our products which tell the story of our land, full with healthy and uncontaminated Sardinian values”.



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