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    The Mandala Organic Growers producers comply with the requirements laid down by the European Commission in terms of organic farming legislation (EEC Directive No. 2092/91); not only do they not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides, they also monitor production rigorously.

    Furthermore, the products meet strict criteria (size, shape, colour, smell, feel, etc.) shaped by market needs and consumer tastes.

    At one with the environment, the producers grow fruit and vegetables on the types of soil where there yield will be optimum. Cabbages come from Devon, blood oranges from the Etna region, rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, and tomatoes from Southern Sicily, where their exceptional taste and sweetness come from the slightly salty water with which the region is irrigated. And the list goes on ...


    Distributors and consumers can always be sure that the principles of organic farming are being applied: crop rotation, organic crop protection, green manure, natural fertilisers, etc.

    Agronomists attached to the farms and co-operatives monitor the organic quality of the produce by carrying out regular inspections of the soil, the produce and the production methods.


    Mandala Organic Growers sells its own fruit and vegetables. It knows them, names them and tells their story.

    With the online management system being set up on the Internet, the buyer is able to trace the history of a fruit or a vegetable from the farmer's field to the shop shelf, and to find out at any time where it came from and when it was harvested. With traceability, you know what you are eating.



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