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Bringing producers and distributors closer together

To be an organic farmer is to create a unique relationship with the products of the land.
The environmental awareness of our consumers serves to enhance the value of these products considerably.

The organic production line starts in the field and ends on the consumer's plate.

Whether a specialist shop or a supermarket, the distributor plays an essential role in this production line: where the two ends meet, it is the distributor who communicates the value, the diversity and the unique character of the organic product to the consumer.

In a bid to forge a closer relationship with the distributors, Mandala Organic Growers has created a true partnership in which everyone is on familiar ground:

  • Due to this partnership, our producers are provided with information which helps them become familiar with the needs and the trends of the market which in turn enables them to meet consumer demands.

  • For their part, the distributors become familiar with the conditions and rhythms peculia to organic farming. They are in direct contact with the reality of a production method which is both demanding and uncompromising.
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    Antoine Guccione Director of Mandala Organic Growers