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A network stretching from north to south

Mandala Organic Growers is a European group of organic fruit and vegetable producers.

The association's head office is located in Brussels, at the heart of the European market. It is this strategic position which enables it to perform its role of fostering relations and communications between the worlds of distribution and organic farming.

The company brings together a group of around a hundred producers along a north/south axis stretching from Great Britain, through Belgium to Italy. The companies and farming co-operatives they work for are located in some of the most productive regions of Europe: Agrinova in Sicily, S'Atra Sardigna in Sardinia and Langridge Organic Growers in South-West of Britain.

The production capacity is in line with the 1000 hectares of land which the producers cultivate in these regions.

Pioneers in organic farming, the Mandala Organic Growers producers share the same ideas, the same convictions and the same love of their work.



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